How to Install a Water Bottle Cage on Your Bike - The Easiest Way Tutorial

How to Install a Water Bottle Cage on Your Bike - The Easiest Way Tutorial

Hydration is key when cycling, making a water bottle cage an essential accessory for your bike. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to install it... And hey, if you'd prefer to learn by watching, there's a video for you at the bottom of this post :)

Tools Required:

  • Water bottle cage
  • Appropriate screws/bolts
  • Allen key or screwdriver (size will vary depending on your bike's screws)


  1. Choose the Right Cage: Select a water bottle cage that suits your bike and bottle size. Some cages are designed for specific bottle sizes and styles, so ensure your chosen cage fits your bottle securely.

  2. Choose the Right Location: Identify the best position on your bike to mount the cage. It's typically placed on the seat tube or down tube as this is where the mounts normally are. But you can also mount it on the handlebars or elsewhere with some additional equipment (you may need specific mounts).

  3. Preparation: Before attaching the cage, ensure the surface is clean and dry.

  4. Position the Cage: Hold the cage against the bike frame in the chosen spot, and align it to fit comfortably. Most cages have two or more screw holes for fastening to the frame.

  5. Attach the Cage: Use screws/bolts and the appropriate tools to secure the cage. Insert the screws through the holes in the cage and the frame and tighten them sufficiently.

  6. Test the Cage: Once attached, ensure the cage is secure by gently pulling the bottle in and out to check for any wobbling or looseness. It should be firmly fixed but not too tight to make bottle removal difficult.

  7. Place the Water Bottle: Slide your water bottle into the cage, ensuring it fits snugly and is easy to access while riding.

With these simple steps, your bike will be equipped with a water bottle cage, ensuring you're well-hydrated on your cycling journeys.

Incase you're still a bit stuck, here's a super simple video from the GCN Tech YouTube Channel

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