Exploring the Powerhouse: Hub Drive vs. Mid Drive eBikes for New Zealand Riders

Exploring the Powerhouse: Hub Drive vs. Mid Drive eBikes for New Zealand Riders

When it comes to choosing an electric bike, one of the crucial decisions to make is whether to opt for a hub drive or a mid drive system. Both options have their unique advantages and considerations, and understanding the differences can help you find the perfect eBike to suit your riding style and preferences. In this blog post, we'll delve into the characteristics and benefits of hub drive and mid drive eBikes, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Hub Drive eBikes: Power at the Wheel

Hub drive eBikes have their motors housed in the wheel hub, whether in the front or rear wheel. 

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Seamless Integration: Hub drive motors offer a discreet and integrated design, making them visually appealing and less noticeable to onlookers.

  • Simplicity and Low Maintenance: With fewer moving parts, hub drive systems are generally easier to maintain, requiring less frequent servicing.

  • Instant Power: Hub drive motors provide direct power to the wheel, delivering instant acceleration and making them suitable for urban commuting and leisurely rides.

  • Cost-Effective: Hub drive eBikes often come at a lower price point, making them an attractive option for riders seeking a budget-friendly eBike without compromising on performance.

Mid Drive eBikes: Power from the Crank

Mid drive eBikes feature motors positioned at the bike's crankset area, near the pedals. 

Here are the advantages associated with mid drive systems:

  • Efficient Power Transfer: By driving the bike's chain and gears, mid drive motors leverage the bike's existing drivetrain, providing efficient power transfer and utilizing the bike's gears for improved climbing and overall performance.

  • Balanced Weight Distribution: The motor's central position in the bike creates a balanced weight distribution, enhancing stability and maneuverability during rides.

  • Natural Riding Feel: Mid drive eBikes simulate a more natural riding experience, as the motor amplifies your pedaling effort, offering a seamless blend of human and electric power.

  • Enhanced Hill Climbing Capability: With the motor located near the bike's drivetrain, mid drive eBikes excel at hill climbing, making them a preferred choice for riders tackling challenging terrains or steep inclines.

  • Greater Range: The efficient power utilization and optimized battery management of mid drive eBikes often result in extended battery range compared to hub drive counterparts.


Deciding between a hub drive or mid drive eBike ultimately depends on your riding preferences and intended use. Hub drive eBikes offer simplicity, instant power, and an affordable price range, making them suitable for urban commuting and leisure rides. On the other hand, mid drive eBikes excel in hill climbing, offer a natural riding feel, and provide extended battery range, making them ideal for riders seeking more versatility and performance on varied terrains. Explore the features, test ride both options, and select the eBike that aligns with your riding style, needs, and aspirations. 

Happy riding!

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