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Abus Granit Xplus 540/160HB230+SHB U-lock

Abus Granit Xplus 540/160HB230+SHB U-lock

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The Granit xplus 540 u-lock offers great protection for your expensive two-wheeler even when there is a high risk of theft.

The highest level of security from the abus range: the granit xplus 540 u-lock offers the best protection against theft for your bicycle

Specially hardened steel, power cell technology for protection against impact and attempts to force open the lock, xplus cylinder for the greatest protection against tampering: the granit xplus 540 u-lock combines the highest-quality materials with the latest technology for protection against theft! it is a first-class lock which protects your bicycle when the risk of theft is high. various quality seals demonstrate the value of the granit xplus 540 u-lock: it is vds approved and has received seals of approval from institutes in russia, the netherlands, finland, sweden, denmark, norway and the united kingdom.

- 13 mm hardened square shaft parabolic shackle
- abus power cell technology offers the highest level of protection against impacts and attempts to break open the lock
- the shackle, housing and the structural parts of the locking mechanism are made of specially hardened steel
- abus xplus cylinder for the highest level of protection against tampering, e.g. picking
- automatic keyhole cover to protect against dirt and corrosion
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