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Bordo 6000 Alarm Folding Lock - 90CM

Bordo 6000 Alarm Folding Lock - 90CM

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- The Bordo Alarm takes the security of the Bordo 6000 to the next level with the inclusion of a 100dB intelligent alarm system.
- The alarm is designed to not prematurely activate, allowing for movements that might happen while a bike is locked in tight quarters
- Continued movements will set off the alarm for 15 seconds and will repeat until movement stops.
- Thanks to the patent pending -intelligent transport position-, activation is also avoided during transportation.
- The battery and activity status is displayed by means of acoustic signals giving the owner ample notice if a battery replacement is needed.
- All ABUS locks feature industry best corrosion resistance.
- 5mm steel bars, links, and lock body are made of special hardened steel
- Soft-touch coating on the bars and matching silicone lock body cover protects bikes paint job
- ABUS Plus Cylinder offers a high degree of protection against picking
- Two keys supplied with the lock
- Length: 90cm Weight: 1450g
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