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Micro Wireless CC-MC200W

Micro Wireless CC-MC200W

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Customize your display
CatEyes New Micro Wireless allows you to select the functions you want on your display, so what matters to you most remains in full view.

9 functions and 10 features including a back light, dual tyre size recognition and stop watch mode to track your commuting time or a training ride.
All of this, in a simple, slim design that mounts to the stem or handlebar with the easy to use FlexTight The new Micro Wireless allows you to select the data you want bracket.

- Current speed: 0.0 ( A:4.0 / B:3.0 )-105.9 km/h [ 0.0 ( A:3.0 / B:2.0 )-65.0 mph ]
- Elapsed time: 0:00'00"-9:59'59"
- Trip distance 1: 0.00-999.99km [mile]
- Trip distance 2: 0.00-999.99km [mile]
- Average speed 1: 0.0-105.9 km/h [ 0.0-65.0 mph ]
- Maximum speed: 0.0(4.0)-105.9km/h
- Total distance (Odometer): 099999km [mile]
- Stop watch: 0:00'00"-9:59'59"
- Clock: 0:00'-23:59' [1:00'-12:59']
- Pace arrow: Yes
- Auto power saving: Yes
- Sleep mode: Yes
- Auto start/stop: Yes [Auto or Manual]
- Back light: Yes [Night Mode]

Tech Specs
- Odometer manual set: Yes
- Tire size: 0100mm-3999mm
- Transmission distance: 20.70cm
- Battery Computer: CR2032 X1
- Battery Sensor: CR2032 X1
- Dimension: 53.5X36.0X17.5mm
- Weight: 26 grams
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