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Shotgun Seat Handlebar

Shotgun Seat Handlebar

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The Shotgun Pro is the ultimate child seat for MTB families. It's lightning-fast to attach and remove, has zero frame contact, and is adjustable to fit electric and regular mountain bikes.

- Accessory for the Shotgun Kids MTB seat
- Allen key fixing for easy fitting, removal and adjustment
- 250mm in length, with rubber grips designed for little hands
- Comes with inserts to fit 25.4mm, 31.8mm and 35mm handlebar diameters
- Suitable for flat or riser style handlebars
- 75mm max stem width for use

Why ride with your child in front?:
- So the weight is balanced in the centre of your bike
- So your little one can see where they're going (and you can see them)
- So that you can talk to each other as you ride along together
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